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Installation of Servo Motor for Linear Module

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     Linear modules are usually driven by stepping or servo motors according to the requirements of the project. Servo motors are usually required for high speed and accuracy. It is an indirect speed-changing device of subsidized motor, which can control speed and position accurately. It has the characteristics of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity and starting voltage. It converts voltage signal into torque and speed to drive and control the movement of linear module. In this article, we know about the installation of servo motors.
1) Ensure that the radial and axial loads added to the servo motor shaft during installation and operation are controlled within the specified values of each model;
2) When installing, hold the servo motor itself, not the encoder, cable or connector area. Holding these weak areas will damage the servo motor.
3) If the servo motor is connected to a decelerating gear, the oil seal should be filled when the servo motor is used to prevent the oil of the decelerating gear from entering the servo motor.
4) Ensure that the cable is not subjected to moment or vertical load due to external bending force or its own weight, especially at the outlet or connection of the cable, and that the cable is installed in the chain groove on the edge of the linear module;
5) When installing or disassembling the coupling parts to the axle end of the servo motor, don't hit the axle end directly with a hammer. (Hammers directly hit the shaft end, the encoder at the other end of the servo motor shaft will be knocked out), try to align the shaft end to the best state (bad may lead to vibration or bearing damage).

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