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First-class quality, low maintenance costsFirst-class quality, low maintenance costsInternational advanced testing technology, stable product quality, low maintenance costs.

Professional technical teamProfessional technical teamHas a group of engineers who have been engaged in automation technology for a long time.

Widely used, energy efficientWidely used, energy efficientsed in production and processing manufacturing, electronics, hardware, spraying, processing, etc.

Fast delivery dateFast delivery dateThe standard parts are in stock, the screw and guide rails are in stock, and the aluminum stocks are over 100 tons.

Affordable priceAffordable priceCompared with Japanese brands, the price is five to six percent off. Compared with Taiwanese brands, the price is seven to eight percent off.

Perfect and High Quality ServicePerfect and High Quality ServiceProfessional after-sales, implementation within 24 hours to respond to on-site problem solving.

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About LH-Auto

About LH-Auto

Dongguan LingHang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (brand LH-AUTO) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of linear transmission components. The main products are linear modules, slide table modules, multi-axis robots, and desktops. Platform, precision positioning platform, products are widely used in various types of automated production lines, automation equipment (locking screws, dispensing, soldering), packaging, handling, spraying, printing, laser cutting, scientific research and other fields requiring precision linear transmission and positioning .

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Technology exchange FAQs

How to Guarantee the Accuracy and Testing of Linear robot
The accuracy of the Linear robot indicates its performance. The higher the precision, the better the performance. It mainly depends on the accuracy grade of the main accessories, guide rail, screw rod, support seat and bearing.
Safety Problems in Vertical Use of Linear robot
In order to use safely, the Linear robot will be equipped with braking motors vertically, which will brake the motors and lock the motor spindle to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel in the operation process.
Installation of Servo Motor for Linear Module
The correct installation of linear module motor affects the use and life of the product. This article introduces the installation of servo motor.

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Linear robot product after-sales training course

Linear robot product after-sales training course

Regular Linear Robot product training for large customers is an important part of LH-AUTO after-sales service, and it is a very good opportunity to help customers solve problems encountered in the testing process.

What are the needs of enterprises that can be met by the application of linear robots?

What are the needs of enterprises that can be met by the application of linear robots?

Linear robots are widely used in machine tools, motors, measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, gluing, drilling, plug-in, ray scanning, and other standard or non-standard equipment.

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