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Safety Problems in Vertical Use of Linear robot

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     Whether the LH-AUTO  Linear robot is a single-axis Linear robot or a multi-axis combination linear module (XZ XYZ), it is possible to install it vertically according to the application requirements. In order to use it safely, the motor with brake will be used vertically. The brake, which generally refers to the electromagnetic mechanical brake device at the back end of the motor, is usually installed at the back end of the motor. When working, the brake pads acting on the main axle of the motor are used. The motor brakes and holds the motor spindle to ensure the safety of the equipment and personnel in the operation process.

        Remove brake: When we remove brake of  Linear robot, we may have the danger of sliding down the upper and lower axles. Therefore, engineers of pilot automation linear module manufacturer remind us that we should use the platform to block the right position of upper and lower axles before releasing brake by pressing the emergency stop button of the module. At the same time, the operator should try to avoid standing up and down in the linear module when releasing brake. Shaft and platform to ensure safe operation.

       In addition, the environmental safety of  Linear robot should not be neglected. It should be ensured that there are no flammable gases, flammable liquids or igniting liquids in the operating environment, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire or explosion and other safety accidents caused by mechanical sparks caused by friction in the rapid movement of  Linear robot.

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