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How to Guarantee the Accuracy and Testing of Linear robot

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The precision of Linear robot indicates its performance.  how does LH-AUTO ensure the accuracy of Linear robot?
It depends on the following important parts:
1) Guarantee the precision grade of the main parts of Linear robot, such as guide rail, screw rod, support seat and bearing.
2) Parallelism between screw and guide rail, concentricity between screw and bearing, and pilot screw guide rail all adopt international brands;
3) The assembly accuracy assurance equipment and professional technical requirements and process requirements, we use the daily gauge technology.

How to Guarantee the Accuracy and Testing of Linear robot。
The accuracy of Linear robot is divided into positioning accuracy and repetitive positioning accuracy. How to measure the accuracy of Linear robot?
1) Location accuracy: The maximum stroke is the reference length, which is expressed by the absolute value of the maximum error between the distance actually moved from the reference position and the instruction value.

2) Repeated positioning accuracy: Repeated positioning of any point in the same direction seven times, and then measure its stop position, calculate the maximum difference of the head reading 1/2. As the principle of testing, the maximum value of the measured value is taken as the measured value, and expressed by one-second of the maximum difference with (+) in the position of the center of the moving distance and the two ends of the moving distance respectively.

The LH-AUTO Linear robot produced by pilot automation is as high as (+0.01 mm). In practice, the variation of precision should be strictly controlled to minimize the accuracy error. Only in this way can the stability of the luminous equipment be improved.

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